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2020 Board Election Results

Latest News!

Congratulations to Marianne Manheim as she will continue in an officer role but move from secretary to treasurer.  Michael Morisy continues his board service as vice-president. Kellie Robinson and Christopher Car will return to the board as directors-at-large. Our sincere thanks go to Kellie, ASAP treasurer for the last four years. Being ASAP treasurer is perhaps the most involved and time-consuming of all board positions.  It truly allows one to understand and appreciate ASAP finances and the important roles ASAP volunteers play in the success of the organization.

Ginger McCall rejoins the board as director-at-large. She served on the board previously, including as secretary in 2015-2016.


Hence the 2020 Board is:


Kirsten Mitchell, President

Michael Morisy, Vice President

Nick Wittenberg, Secretary

Marianne Manheim, Treasurer

Amy Bennett, Immediate Past President

Jonathan Cantor, Director

Christopher Carr, Director

James Holzer, Director

Ginger McCall, Director

Patrice Parker, Director

Kellie Robinson, Director


Harry Hammitt opted not to run for the 2020 board. However, he is still committed to volunteering for ASAP through committee participation and teaching. Harry continues to be a valuable resource for ASAP. He first joined the board 30 years ago, and served as president in 1992.


Congratulations to all!!