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2021 Call for Nominations

 (In good standing as of September 30, 2020)

Call for Nominations – Deadline October 7, 2020

The ASAP Nominating Committee ( Amy Bennett, Chair and members Cindy Allard, Michael Bell, Jonathan Cantor and Lauren Harper) is seeking ASAP members who would like to lead the American Society of Access Professionals as members of the ASAP Board of Directors for 2021-22. 

We are seeking candidates to fill the officer positions of president, secretary, and three director-at-large positions. All terms are for two years, January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022.


Board members with terms continuing through 2021 are:


Vice President Michael Morisy

Treasurer Marianne Manheim

Director Chris Carr

Director Ginger McCall

Director Kellie Robinson

Current ASAP President Kirsten Mitchell will move to the  immediate past president position.


With the exception of August and December, ASAP holds MONTHLY Board meetings via teleconference on the third Wednesday of every month, currently at 11:30 pm. The meetings usually last about an hour.

The Board meeting dates and timing are not set in stone. It is the Board’s prerogative to select any weekday or evening for meetings. Board members are also involved heavily with the planning of ASAP educational programs and activities. We utilize conference call availability for Board and committee meeting participation.

If you are interested in serving in a leadership position, we strongly recommend that you seek approval from your supervisor and/or ethics officer in order to participate in ASAP activities at the Board level. ASAP is a non-profit organization and operates with a 501(C) 3 designation from the IRS.

To be considered, please forward your completed Nominations Submission Form to Nominating Committee Chair Amy Bennett at amy.bennett@hq.dhs.gov with a copy to the ASAP office at asap@accesspro.org  (See below.)


  1. You must be a regular or student member in good standing as of September 30, 2020.
  2. Also, you must provide your organizational affiliation, position(s) to be nominated for, telephone numbers, E-mail address, a brief bio and a short paragraph outlining ways you have contributed and/or will be contributing to ASAP. (In editable format for cut and pasting, NOT a PDF document, please. Form is at end of email.)
  3. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  4. The deadline to respond to the call for nominations is October 7. 


1. What are the Board’s duties?

The Board has oversight for all of ASAP educational programs and is very involved with the program planning and approval for each of the programs. Committees typically have one or more Board members on them, with a stronger push to include ASAP members. We strongly suggest that you review the ASAP bylaws at: http://www.accesspro.org/about/bylaws.pdf. Articles IV and V address board duties and officers.  ASAP carries Directors and Officers Liability Insurance.

2. Do I get paid for my service?

No. ASAP is a volunteer member organization. ASAP is a 501(C) (3) organization under the U.S. Tax Code, which is an educational, charitable organization. In fact, our bylaws prohibit this.

3. As a member of the Board, will I be able to speak at ASAP programs?

Not necessarily. Program committees are extremely diligent in offering the most needed course sessions and matching up speaker expertise and availability. Program committees are also diligent in recognizing ASAP’s mission by balancing the federal government and requester community viewpoints.

4. As a member of the Board, am I entitled to attend ASAP programs free of charge?

No, with one exception. ASAP Board members and past presidents have a non-transferable registration fee waiver for one  D.C. based training program.

5. Why would I want to serve on the Board?

As an access professional, taking a front row seat with other thought leaders and in leading ASAP will provide you with very rewarding experiences.

With your supervisor’s support, it also shows the access community that you and your agency or organization are on the forefront and committed to the access professionals’ principles. (Please see http://www.accesspro.org/about/principles.cfm.) Most Board members find that they truly enjoy service and realize quickly how much they learn about volunteering and helping others.

2021-2022 Board of Directors Nomination Submission Form

If you are interested in serving on the Board, please forward your completed Nominations Submission Form to Nominating Committee Chair Amy Bennett at amy.bennett@hq.dhs.gov with a copy to the ASAP office at asap@accesspro.org. This form must be returned in an EDITABLE FORMAT (for cutting and pasting).

1) Full Name:


2) Organization/Office or Agency/Component/Office:

3)  Contact Information:

  • Daytime Telephone:
  • Email:

4) Position(s) I would like to be considered for (Vice President/Treasurer/Director/Any):

5) Brief Biographical Information:


6) Past, Present and Future Contributions/Expertise: