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October 20, 2021
Brazilian senators abandon call for homicide charges against President Bolsonaro
Brazilian senators investigating President Jair Bolsonaro's handling of the pandemic decided late on Tuesday to withdraw recommendations for charges of mass homicide and genocide against him, CNN affiliate CNN Brasil reported.
October 20, 2021
First he fled North Korea. Now he's escaped from a Chinese prison, and has a $23,000 bounty on his head
Chinese authorities have offered a bounty equivalent to more than $23,000 for the capture of a North Korean defector who broke out of prison in the northeastern city of Jilin on Monday.
October 20, 2021
China's real estate crisis could kill growth into 2022. Beijing's undeterred
China's growth is seriously slowing down as the country lurches from one economic threat to another. And while some of the biggest pain points appear to be easing, an unfolding crisis in real estate is emerging as one of Beijing's toughest challenges in the coming year.
October 20, 2021
Haiti gang wants $17M ransom for kidnapped American and Canadian missionaries
The gang that kidnapped a group of 17 American and Canadian missionaries in Haiti has asked for $1 million each for their release, a top Haitian official said Monday, according to the Wall Street Journal.
October 19, 2021
See emotional reunion as Myanmar frees anti-coup protesters
Myanmar's junta has freed hundreds of political prisoners from Yangon's Insein prison, Reuters reported Tuesday, citing local media. It follows the junta's announcement that it would free more than 5,600 people arrested for protesting against military rule since a coup. CNN's Ivan Watson reports.
October 18, 2021
China's economy is getting walloped by crises in energy, shipping and real estate
China's GDP is growing at the slowest pace in a year as a massive energy crunch, shipping disruptions and a deepening property crisis take their toll on the world's second largest economy.
October 15, 2021
'Ghost towns': Evergrande crisis shines a light on China's millions of empty homes
Evergrande's unraveling is still commanding global attention, but its troubles are part of a much bigger problem.
October 18, 2021
The carbon offset market could be worth $200 billion by 2050. But what is it?
Companies and people who want to cancel out the impact of their emissions on the climate often turn to something called carbon offsetting.
October 18, 2021
Facebook to hire 10,000 people in EU to build the 'metaverse'
Facebook plans to hire up to 10,000 workers in Europe to build a "metaverse" that will combine virtual and augmented reality technologies in a new online realm.
Attacked, rejected and harassed: Asians around the world speak out on workplace discrimination
September 18, 2019
US cities are losing 36 million trees a year. Here's why it matters
If you're looking for a reason to care about tree loss, the nation's latest heat wave might be it. Trees can lower summer daytime temperatures by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a recent study.
July 12, 2019
Miami's Little Haiti wasn't a target for developers. Until the seas started to rise
July 12, 2019
How rich people could help save the planet from the climate crisis
Rich people don't just have bigger bank balances and more lavish lifestyles than the rest of us -- they also have bigger carbon footprints.
October 18, 2021
Large-scale nude photos highlight disappearing Dead Sea
With desert peaks stabbing the sky and a thin blue ribbon of Dead Sea shimmering in the distance, the ghostly figures of around 200 men and women -- painted head to toe in white -- began appearing from behind an outcrop.
October 18, 2021
Striking photos capture the Arctic's remotest buildings
The Arctic invites images of emptiness. Harsh temperatures lead to barren, sparsely populated landscapes beyond the reach of most travelers. This inaccessibility is what first drew Austrian photographer Gregor Sailer to the region.
October 8, 2021
How Kate and Meghan pay tribute to Princess Diana through their wardrobes
Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex have each forged their own stylish paths as members of the royal family, commanding the attention of the fashion press and causing the garments they're photographed wearing to sell out.
October 8, 2021
'Squid Game' is so intense its director lost 6 teeth during production
If you've watched the breakout hit Netflix series "Squid Game," innocent children's games like tug of war and red light, green light may take on a whole new meaning for you.
September 29, 2021
How non-binary TikTok creators are helping a generation find their style
While up-and-coming gender-fluid and non-binary designers like Harris Reed and Ella Boucht have begun to make their mark, it's also no secret that the fashion establishment hasn't made much of an effort to design for non-binary people -- at least that's if the collection after collection of drab, supposedly "gender-fluid" beige hoodies and graphic tees is to judge by.
October 19, 2021
Singapore Airlines to fly A380 on 60-minute flight
The Airbus A380 is designed for long-haul flying, thanks to its hefty size and famously quiet inflight experience.
October 5, 2021
World's most powerful passport revealed
The global gap in travel freedoms has never been wider, says the latest report by London-based global citizenship and residence advisory firm Henley & Partners.
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