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2019 Privacy Program Registration


Procedures regarding registration, payment and the cancellation policy are strictly enforced. Please be sure the registrant and cardholder read these procedures and policies before registering to attend.

Telephone registrations are not accepted. Incomplete registrations will not be processed. Once registered, you are subject to the cancellation policy. Registrations must be accompanied by a credit card or complete payment authorization information (as noted on the SF-182, the Document/P.O. Number/Requisition Number AND billing instructions). 

Persons registering in a timely fashion with completed authorizations or payment will receive a confirmation letter from ASAP in addition to the auto-generated submission acknowledgement. ASAP reserves the right to close registration when capacity is reached. Seating is extremely limited for this course.

Special Note: Registrants with ADA needs should register by May 17, 2019, so that appropriate logistical arrangements may be made. After May 17, registration with ADA needs acceptance is on a case-by-case basis. 


1. Register and Pay On-Line - SAVE $25 (Preferred Method) 

The ASAP registration system is a business design model and assumes that the individual is also the payer. The registrant must log in and register for the training.  Credit card payment must be entered. (If the cardholder is a different person, then the cardholder will need to sit at the registrant’s computer and complete the payment section.) The system will send an acknowledgement to the registrant and a receipt. The receipt does not have credit card numbers. If the cardholder is different from the registrant, it is the registrant’s responsibility to forward the receipt to the cardholder. (As a back-up, ASAP can provide a transaction record for the cardholder.) Remember to check junk and spam filters.

LOG IN – The user’s log in is usually the first initial followed by the last name, all lower case and all one word. (Example: John Doe is jdoe)  Use the ‘Forgot Password’ link to retrieve your password. Having difficulties, or not in the system? Send your first and last name and email address. We will set you up so that you can take advantage of the discount. Once you are logged in, please select the menu item for this training course and follow the prompts.


2. Paper Registration (SF-182’s, cardholders needing to process multiple registrants by one lump sum amount, cardholders in a different location from registrant, or preference for paper).

Please complete the pdf registration form from the website and fax or electronically submit it to ASAP with payment or SF-182 training authorization. (Remove PII, please!) Registration forms without proper payment authorization or billing instructions will NOT BE ACCEPTED. Please allow 1-3 days for processing. Receipts will be emailed to the cardholders with successful transactions. Email to or fax to 202-216-9646 or to analog fax 202-216-0246.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, IMPAC, and ACH payments are accepted. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the American Society of Access Professionals and sent to:

American Society of Access Professionals
1120 20th Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington, D.C.  20036

Any difficulties? Contact us at or 202-712-9054. We are happy to help!
IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR CREDIT CARD HOLDERS - For on-line registrations, credit cards are charged instantaneously and the registrant receives an auto-generated receipt. It is the responsibility of the registrant to forward the receipt to the cardholder. The receipt does not have credit card numbers. Please make certain that card holders provide a valid email address. As a backup, ASAP can provide a transaction record for the cardholder. 

For paper registrations (using the pdf form), credit cards will be charged within 1-3 days. The system automatically emails receipts to the cardholders when the transaction is processed. Cardholders MUST provide a valid email address.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, IMPAC, and ACH payments are accepted. 

Please double check spam and junk mail folders. *Please review the cancellation policy below BEFORE registering.*

ASAP is a nonprofit, professional membership society, not a government agency. ASAP is coded as a member services organization. Changing credit cards after billing is complete may incur a $40.00 “reshelving fee” to help defray the cost incurred by the extra transactions. PLEASE make certain that you are using the correct authorized credit card. 

If your government card is declined: 

1. Please ensure that you have entered the activated card number and expiration data correctly.

2. Check with your agency to see if the card is or can be authorized for our code. Helpful Hint: Travel cards usually receive a decline notice for a member services transaction. Most card holders have no issues once the code authorization is rectified. 

Please make certain your fiscal office has the following information for payment and billing issues:

    ASAP is incorporated in the District of Columbia
    ASAP DUNS number: 184057818
    ASAP Federal Tax ID number: 54-1152-815
    ASAP is registered in SAM – Cage # 1QTQ9 - When searching in SAM, use American Society of Access Professionals (ASAP) 


For cancellation of your hotel reservation, you must contact the hotel directly. Be sure to retain the cancellation number from the hotel.
1) All cancellations must be made in writing to the ASAP office. Sorry, no exceptions. 
2) Cancellations received postmarked before May 24 receive a refund minus a 50% administrative fee.
3) Cancellations received postmarked after May 24 are non-refundable.
4) If the registration fee is to be invoiced, the invoiced amount will reflect the correct applicable cancellation fee.
5) Substitutions (one person only for the original registration) are acceptable at any time and should be submitted to the ASAP office in writing, if time allows. If time does not allow, substitutions at the door will be accepted (one person).   Differences in member and nonmember registration fees will be charged. 
6) Organizations, agencies or persons submitting one credit card number for billing and then changing credit cards after billing is complete, may incur a $40.00 reshelving fee to help defray the cost incurred by the extra transactions.