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2020-21 ASAP Board Election Results


Thank you to those members who participated in this year’s election of the 2021 ASAP Board of Directors. We are very pleased to announce the results.

Congratulations to Ryan Mulvey who will serve as ASAP president in 2021-2022.  Nick Wittenberg has been reelected as secretary.  Michael Heise, Martha Murphy, and Bradley White will serve as directors. We look forward to working with our new board in 2021 year.


Hence the entire 2021 Board is:


Ryan Mulvey, President

Michael Morisy, Vice President

Nick Wittenberg, Secretary

Marianne Manheim, Treasurer

Kirsten Mitchell, Immediate Past President

Christopher Carr, Director

Michael Heise, Director

Ginger McCall, Director

Martha Murphy, Director

Kellie Robinson, Director

Bradley White, Director


We will be bidding farewell to Amy Bennet, Jonathan Cantor, James Holzer, and Patrice Parker. All four have made incredible contributions to ASAP over the years and have helped guide ASAP through some very tough times and wells as new projects.


Congratulations to all.