As many of you are aware, ASAP is developing a certification program for FOIA professionals. We have made some major strides this year, and are at a point in time where we need the help of entry and mid-level employees working in the FOIA field to participate on the Job Analysis Task Force (JATF).

On August 4-5, 2017 (Friday and Saturday), ASAP is conducting a Government Information Specialist Job Analysis Study. This study will serve to develop and validate a contemporary delineation of practice for FOIA professionals, including major domains of responsibility, tasks performed, and knowledge and skills needed to perform the job. Participation on the JATF also includes completion of electronic assignments and attendance at up to four 2-hour virtual meetings (to be scheduled based on JATF member availability). We have already assembled a group of veteran FOIA professionals committed for this Task Force. You would be working side by side with some of the most well-respected professionals in the field.

We understand that participation on the JATF will require a real commitment from you. ASAP was founded on goals that included professionalization of the FOIA and Privacy workforce. A major part of the goal has been realized with the establishment of the Government Information Specialist job series. It is now time to fully support our profession with the development of a gold-standard certification program.

This is a perfect opportunity for entry and mid-level employees (Federal and contractors) to become involved in helping to grow the profession of Government Information Specialist. We need you to make a difference!

Your response is requested by July 14 by replying to Thank you for your interest in and commitment to the profession.

Karen Finnegan Meyers
Certification Committee Chair

ASAP Certification Steering Committee:
Karen Finnegan Meyers, Chair
Miriam Nisbet
Alina Semo
Randy Lindner

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