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Getting to Know Mura and Bootstrap

testMura‘s rich features are documented throughout their website, but not all Mura features are in use on individual websites.  This user guide provides pointers to basic information about Mura and a quick reference guide to the features of Mura that are most commonly used. For more information on Mura, you can browse the Mura documentation at http://docs.getmura.com/v6/.

The Mura development team provides online documentation for the Mura CMS.  The starting point of this support tool is : http://docs.getmura.com/v6/content-managers/welcome/.

In order to be responsive, all content on the American Benefits Council site is built using a framework called Bootstrap.  For more information about Bootstrap and how to code special objects to be responsive, see http://getbootstrap.com/css/.  A good tutorial-based overview of Bootstrap functionality can be found at www.tutorialrepublic.com/twitter-bootstrap-tutorial/ if you’re looking for more information on this framework or how to implement certain features and functions.  

  1. Pages included in the website’s header section navigation are generally noted with a checkmark in the Nav column.  Pages on the site that are NOT part of the navigation do not have the checkmark. (The set-up of the site determines items included in the header section navigation – basically first-level items in certain folders.  These pages will display in the navigation in the order they are listed here.  NOTE: The main navigation for this site, however, is manually created. It is entirely independent of whether pages are designated to be in navigation or not.
  1. Once the target page is located, move your cursor to the right to access edit, view, version history, permissions (if used), and delete functions via the small icons in the far-right column. NOTE: if you delete a page with pages under it (aka child pages) , the initial page AND all child pages will be deleted.  The system does give you a warning before executing the delete command. Only the superadmin ( PODI) can restore a deleted page.