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Thanks Its 15th Annual National Training Conference Sponsors

We greatly appreciate our sponsors.  Taking the time and resources to bring our attendees the latest in software and services is no small task.  Our attendees have the opportunity to watch product demos and learn about the products and services on a voluntary basis.  Sponsor fees help defray expenses which benefits all attendees.  As a reminder, ASAP does not endorse any product or services.  Sponsors are providing this resource to you on a collegial basis. And we ENCOURAGE you to learn about all of their products and services.


Platinum Level Sponsors

FOIA Pro by Soch Pro is the most intuitive and easy to use complete FOIA system available.  Developed using the latest technologies to meet the latest needs of Governmental Agencies, it should be the only system you consider.  Everything you need, from accepting a FOIA request (public facing portal or direct data entry), tracking, processing, billing, redacting, reporting, on-line payment, dashboards, interactive real-time information including “real intelligence” such as trending and hot topics are all standard features.

The FOIA Pro system meets the needs of the entire spectrum of case management, from Initial FOIA submissions, to FOIA Appeals, to Privacy, to Correspondence Management  (Legislative, Congressional, White House and Constituent) and to any other tracking needs of your department.

Click here for more information:

Contact Deryck Weaver, or 571-345-6088
Soch, Inc.
701 E. Franklin St, Suite 1515
Richmond, VA  23219



We created ArkCase FOIA because we heard customers’ frustrations with expensive FOIA solutions that were hard to maintain.  Our goal was to create an innovative solution with a modern interface and a wide range of functionality that enables a FOIA analyst to work faster, a citizen to have an improved experience, and IT to easily and efficiently configure the solution to meet the needs of the FOIA department. We did exactly that!

Since our inception, we have been primarily working with public sector customers and remain true to our core values while focusing on customer success.  Our vision is to provide the most powerful, but easy-to-use FOIA solution that differentiates us from any other FOIA solution you have seen in the market.  ArkCase FOIA was built with open standards and state of the art technologies that offers government agencies a comprehensive FOIA tracking and management solution, including FOIA submission, appeals and privacy requests.

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Contact Ray Azarm at
ArkCase (Armedia)
8221 Old Courthouse Road, Suite 300
Vienna, VA 22182
Websites: and



AINS is the leading provider of Freedom of Information (FOI) solutions across North America. For over two decades, FOIAXpress has helped organizations adapt to changing regulations with a configurable and easy-to-use interface. Our feature-rich solution automates the full request lifecycle, with unparalleled case management, requester correspondence, fee tracking, and document management functionality. With our AI Assistant and pattern recognition technology, organizations can streamline the review process through document deduplication, email containment, and relevancy clusters to identify responsive records faster. Our Public Access Link (PAL) integrates with the National FOIA Portal, digital proof of identity providers (, and payment processors ( FOIAXpress is a collaborative workspace centered around the access professional, empowering our user community to focus on delivering documents, closing requests, and fostering greater transparency and trust between governments and their constituents.

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Contact Pam Ackley at
806 W. Diamond Avenue, Suite 400
Gaithersburg, MD 20878



Deloitte offers more than 25 years of experience assisting federal clients with responses to record requests in the context of information disclosure (including litigation, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA)), and Congressional inquiries, and other transparency regulatory requirements. We help federal agencies design and implement defensible and efficient response strategies. 

Deloitte offers a range of services and technology to help your organization lay the foundation for and build a next-generation disclosure program that meets the needs of all stakeholders. By integrating advanced analytics, automation, and AI capabilities into our products and services, Deloitte brings to market a robust, end-to-end solution that provides greater transparency for members of the public, and gives agencies the tools to conduct their transparency obligations more efficiently.

Questions? Interested in a demo of our SecureRelease™ Platform?

Contact Sue Seeley, or +1 202 246 6586;

Brian McNamara, or +1 571 228 5172;

Kathleen Drohan, or +1 571 488 8925;

Nick Wittenberg, or +1 703 859 6718

Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory

1919 N. Lynn St. | Arlington, VA 22209



Silver Level Sponsors

Tyler Technologies (NYSE: TYL) provides integrated software and technology services to the public sector. Tyler's end-to-end solutions empower local, state, and federal government entities to operate more efficiently and connect more transparently with their constituents and with each other.  Tyler’s FOIA Request Management application provides powerful, configurable functionality that helps agencies to not only process and track FOIA requests efficiently, but also to streamline the creation of required annual and quarterly reports. The configurable case management COTS solution makes sure every stakeholder has the right information at the right time to keep citizens informed — and keep your agency in compliance.

Contact Marshall Hamilton,

Tyler Technologies

5101 Tennyson Parkway

Plano, TX 75024

(with Offices in Northern Virginia)